Set your intention for the week.

As my weekend winds down, I start to consider the responsibilities of the upcoming week. Slowly the transition back to the office begins. I consider the requirements of the upcoming tasks and try to discern what I will need to focus on. What are the key meetings, actions, and goals? Then I set the theme for the week.

This week I will wrap up mid-year employee performance reviews. I want to finish with strong conversations for the few remining reviews, but I need some help to focus. A quick internet search lands on a blog post by Tanveer Naseer 4 questions leaders should ask to be successful. This post offers many things for me to consider. I am stuck on the third item – Are you inspiring other to do more? And just like that, I have established my theme for this week.

The author challenges me with this thought –

t naseer quote.png

The next step for me is to implement this idea is to draft a plan of action that will help me create conditions that allow every to thrive.

I believe that routine is at the heart of discipline and discipline is foundation to success.

Reflection on past behaviors and establishing an implementable action plan are critical to the process as well.

Utilizing my Full Focus Planner I conduct my weekly review:

Step 1 – What did I accomplish last week

Step 2 – Lessons learned

Step 3 – What behavior modification should I make going forward

Step 4 – finally, the Big 3 – documenting my goals for next week ahead of me.

The final step in the weekending routine is the evening ritual. For me that includes laying out my attire for the next morning, packing a lunch, preparing my briefcase and light reading to wind down.

What is are some of the routines you follow to prepare and set your intentions for the upcoming week?

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