Ring Ring, Phone interview – are you ready?

I am shocked with how many seasoned professionals lose a job opportunity during the phone screening. Don’t let it happen to you…



You must treat the phone interview with the same respectability as you would a face to face interview.

  1. Know your story – why are you looking for a new job? Be able to explain gaps in employment, what have you done with your time? What are your career goals?
    Two common questions are – what is the ideal job for you? and Why did you apply for this job?  Protip – have personal story to share, let them get to know you and relate with you.
  2. Prepare question to ask about the job/company etc. – What are the daily responsibilities of this role? What are the biggest challenges for a person in this position? What skills will I gain from this opportunity? What can I do to prepare for my first day? How long until you expect me to be up to speed? – Consider what you need to understand about this job and company in order to pursue the position.
  3. Location, location, location – Find a quiet room for the discussion. If you are not in a place where that is possible, reschedule. Simply let them know that you are not in a good place to talk and you’d like to schedule a time to call them back where you can focus on the discussion or relocate to a more appropriate setting. This shows respect for everyone’s time, with the bonus of giving you the opportunity to prepare and have your notes ready.
  4. Engage in a conversation – Answer the question, be clear and concise, then ask a clarifying question. Strive to have a back and forth discussion. Considering that the non-verbal cues are missing in the phone interview, you must listen for feedback. This article from Fast Company has a great tip;  finish your response with Something clear and authoritative: “That was how I resolved Problem X.”

Here are some other articles to help nail a phone interview:




I really liked the tip in the third article to stand up during a phone interview or to use the power pose. 

Check out this: 30 second video on Power Pose with Amy Cuddy  https://youtu.be/C4ACeoqEjeA

Try the power pose during your next conference call and see if you notice a confidence boost.


data on the power pose has been disputed, if it works for you – Go for it!




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