I’ll make it fit!

It happens every day, people struggling to complete an ordinary, everyday, mundane task. It could be to try to turn a door knob while holding a cup of coffee, locate your sunglasses that are on top of your head, or lock your car doors but leave the windows rolled down. A video of a person struggling to stow luggage in the airplane overhead compartment was posted on Twitter and racked up over 9.6M views.

The guy kept pushing the bag, all he had to do was turn in sideways and viola, it slipped right it. In the video, you can see other passengers laughing and snickering. I must admit, I laughed a little also. It is a bizarre technique pushing the bag trying to cram it in the space, there was plenty of room in the bin, but it would never fit without modifying his approach. Finally, the flight attendant came over to help.

This situation reminded me of what my responsibility is a leader. To remove the barriers to their success. To help them see the problem from another perspective so that they can find the solution. Somedays it’s as painful as watching this guy smash his bag against the overhead bin. If I walk up and turn the bag, I haven’t done my job. My job is to help them learn how to solve problems.

As I watched the video a second thought came to mind, what is going on in his life? Did he received horrible news, is he sleep deprived, is this the first time on an airplane or is he just having a bad day? Sometimes we all need a little help. So try to remember. . . In a world where you can be anything, be kind.


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http://jenniferdukeslee.com/world-can-anything-kind/  @dukeslee


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