Take time to enjoy the little moments.

smell the rosesI strive to remember to stop and smell the roses. During half marathons or triathlons, while everyone is getting elbowed for a good starting position or to reduce time at the fueling station, I’m the one stopping to pet the golden retriever. However, at work I forget to enjoy the little moments.

As I entered the last semester of my eMBA program I noticed that I would start and end each assignment by celebrating the number of days until graduation. During group projects we would often hear someone mutter  “only 3 more month”, finally someone asked, “just tell me when we get to 100 days”. It started last term when assignments were stacking up and I was losing track of the days of the week. The mantra became motivation to stay focused and keep my foot on the gas pedal. The end was near, and with continued effort, I would accomplish my goal.  As I wrap up the last few assignments I also reflect on how many things I will miss about this process. I have enjoyed the constant learning and engaging in thought proving discussions that have occupied my mind for the last 2 years. Constantly considering how to apply the material that I was studied to current and future jobs. I have been exposed to new subject matter, points of view and tools to help me become a stronger asset in my career. I am starting to consider what I will do with my free time and what new challenge I will tackle.

choose-joySomedays I wonder if I suffer the same mistake at the office. By Wednesday someone can be overheard saying, “only 2 more days”, and it is not uncommon to hear someone exclaim, “we made it” on a Friday afternoon.  I am blessed to feel that I have the best job in the company. It’s challenging, the piles of work are endless, and, on most days, I walk away from the office with more new actions on my list than those that have been checked off. Regardless of how low the bad days are, my job gives me great joy.

I recognize that this chapter in my life will not last forever. There will come a time that I look back at my career and this phase will likely be the highlight. I will remember the people, the team accomplishments, the challenges that we overcame. The joys of our success and time together will bring a smile to my face. We work hard together, we laugh, fight, and, above all, we have bonded.

Even when the everyday tasks seem like a chore, remember to stop and breath it all it. Smell the roses, it may be a while before you experience a fragrance again that is so sweet.

To my UNR eMBA cohorts, thank you for the great experiences, for the motivation to stay focused and for the lasting memories. Congratulations on your accomplishment, we did it!  I look forward to meeting you in person on graduation day.


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